Recycling for a sustainable future.

Alaska’s Waste Management Recycling Experts

CRS commitment for improving the environment , compel us to strive in finding useful and practical applications for recycled materials.

In 2012 CRS completed the successful development of specifications with the Municipality of Anchorage and AK Department of Transportation to use Recycled Concrete Aggregate (RCA) as a structural fill material. Approval was also achieved for the use of Recycled Glass as Pipe Bedding and additive to Leveling Course.

We are currently working on a pilot program to use tire bales as a lightweight fill product for road fills, parking lots and as retaining structures. Additionally shredded tires are being tested as fill in gabion baskets for retaining walls.

MOA AWWU Pipe Bedding and Trench Backfill Specs

MOA AWWU Pipe Bedding and Trench Backfill Specs Download

New DOT Recycled Crushed Glass Specification  Download

New MOA Recycled Concrete Aggregate Specification Download


Recycled Concrete Aggregate most  (RCA) :

 Demolished concrete cut into a 1” minus aggregate product.

This product is primarily used as sub-base, leveling course or

structural fill for roadways and parking lots.